15 Best Full-service Brokers in India 2023

If you are entering the stock trading field and want to make investments, the first thing which comes to your mind is to access a full-service broker.

If you want to trade or invest in the Stock market then you need a broker to get advice.

Full-service brokers are like middlemen who offer consultancy and other services.

Some of these services offered by full-service brokers are advisory, retirement planning, tax planning, and so on. If you are new to the field then you require a full-service broker for proper guidance to get profit in your Best investment.

Benefits Of full-service Brokers in India

  • Research reports
  • Stock trading tips
  • Training for trading
  • A dedicated manager for addressing your queries
  • Even stock recommendations

Full-service brokers analyze the requirement of their clients regarding investments by communicating with them. After analyzing the client’s needs and the financial goal the broker recommends appropriate financial instruments and investments.

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Top & Best Stock Brokers in India for 2023

The Following Point can be used to compare brokers in India

  • Money transfers between trading and bank accounts are seamless.
  • Depth of research
  • Customer support
  • Brokerage charges

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15 best full-service brokers 

1. Angel Broking Review


Angel Broking is one of the oldest and most trustable full-service stockbrokers. Its service includes stock advisory, Investment in bonds like corporate, tax-free, loans against shares, and many more.

It offers a web-based trading platform that lets you invest in mutual funds, Bonds, currency, IPOs, and commodities.

15 Best Full-service Brokers in India 2023

It provides an app that lets you access contract notes, ledgers, and P&L statements and also allows transferring funds and security anytime anywhere.

It charges an affordable brokerage fee of 20 INR for each trade to its users.  You can open a trading account with Angel Broking for which you need to pay 699 INR and a demat account which is free of cost.

Charges for Brokerage by Angel Broking

Trading SegmentBrokerage Charges
Equity DeliveryRs. 0
Equity IntradayRs. 20 per trade or 0.25% (whichever is lower)
Futures – Equity, Commodity, Currency Rs. 20 per trade or 0.25% (whichever is lower)
Options – Equity, Currency, Commodity Rs. 20 per order or 0.25% (whichever is lower)

2. ICICI Direct Stock Broker Review

ICICI Direct is one of the popular full-service brokers in India which offers various banking products and stockbroking facilities.

It allows you to access loans, locker, IPO, mutual fund investment, wealth management services, NPS, and insurance.

Users can open trading and Demat account for free. It offers four brokerage plans;

  • iSecure plan
  • prepared brokerage plan
  • ICICI direct prime
  • ICICI direct neo plan.

Its trading platform is equipped with features like a trend scanner and heat maps which are used for analyzing the market and spotting stocks.

# Brokerage fees For the i-Secure plan

According to quarterly turnover, a variable percentage of brokerage is payments.

Trading Type
Brokerage Charges
Equity Delivery
0.55% (including buy and sell)
Equity Intraday0.275% ( the second leg is not charged)
Equity Futures0.050% plus a flat brokerage of Rs. 50 on the second leg
Equity OptionsRs. 95 per lot plus a flat brokerage of Rs. 50 on the second leg
Currency/ Commodity Futures Rs. 20 per order
Currency OptionsRs. 20 per order

Under the i-Secure Plan, the margin and margin plus brokerage is set at 0.050%.

Prepaid brokerage plan brokerage charges in India

Prepaid valueDelivery  BrokerageIntraday/ FuturesEquity OptionsCurrency & Commodity F&O
Rs. 2,5000.25%0.025%Rs. 35 per lotRs. 20 Order
Rs. 5.0000.22%0.022%Rs. 30 per lotRs. 20 Order
Rs. 12,5000.18%0.018%Rs. 25 per lotRs. 20 Order
Rs. 25,0000.15%0.015%Rs. 20 per lotRs. 20 Order

Account opening & AMC Charges 

Open a 3-in-1 (trading + demat + savings) account, you must already have an ICICI Bank savings account.

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The following fees apply to open an account.

Trading and Demat account openingZero
Demat account AMCRs- 700

3. Axis Direct Review


Axis Direct is a full-service broker in India and an online trading and investment brand of Axis Bank.

It offers various services like portfolio tracking and management, advisory services for mutual funds and stocks, general insurance, tax planning, and many more.

It also offers a trading platform that includes features like several customized watch lists, MarketWatch, an open position checking facility, a pending order status viewer, etc.

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Its mobile trading app allows you to view Live quotes, and create a watch list. It offers four brokerage plans;

  • Fixed plan
  • Investment plus plan
  • Now or never plan
  • Premium investment plan.

Axis Direct Brokerage plans

PlansComplimentary Delivery Turnover (CDT)Validity periodAccount opening chargesValue Added Subscription fee
Fixed PlanN.AN.ARs 499Zero
Investment Plus PlanRs. 3 Lakhs (buy + sell)12 monthsNILRs. 1,500
Now or Never PlanRs. 12 Lakhs (buy + sell)10 yearsNILRs. 5,555

4. Sharekhan Stock Broker Review


ShareKhan is one of the leading full-service brokers in India that has over 2 million customers. Some of the services users will get in  ShareKhan traders are a smart search facility, alert tools, and investment pattern Finder.

Apart from this it also offers multiple value-added services including loans against shares, portfolio management, and investment in mutual funds. It offers a trading platform where users can use their services to invest in the stock market.

Sharekhan Charges Brokerage Fees

Trading TypeBrokerage Charges
Equity Delivery0.50% (minimum 10 paise per share)
Equity Intraday (on both legs)0.10% (minimum 5 paise per share) 
Equity Futures (1st leg)
Equity Futures (2nd leg)
Equity Options (on both legs)2.5% (minimum Rs. 100 per lot)
Commodity Options2.5%, maximum brokerage – Rs. 250 per lot

Sharekhan Trading Platforms

  • Sharekhan Trade Tiger
  •  Sharekhan Mobile App

5. SBICap Securities Review

SBI security is a service offered by the State Bank of India. It allows you to open a 3-in-1 Demat account.

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Apart from this, it offers multiple value-added services including research advisory, trade calls, home and auto loans, loans against securities, and soon.

Moreover, you will also get The facility to invest in mutual funds, IPO, NDs, and many more.

It also offers a trading platform so that users can trade online and let them create MarketWatch, trade and manage place orders, etc.

SBI Cap Brokerage Charges

Trading SegmentDelivery TradesIntraday Intraday
Cash Market (Equity)0.50%0.075%0.075%
Equity Futures0.05%0.03%0.03%
Equity OptionRs. 100 per lotRs. 50 per lotRs. 50 per lot
Commodity OptionsRs. 100 per lotRs. 50 per lotRs. 50 per lot

Fees charged by SBICap Securities for account opening and AMC

Account Opening ChargesRs. 850
Account Maintenance Charges(AMC)Rs. 750

SBICaps Trading Platforms

  1. SBISMART Trading APP
  2. SBISMART Xpress 
  3. SBISMART Web trading portal

6. Motilal Oswal Stock Broker Review

In the list of best full-service brokers in India Is Motilal Oswal. It offers value-added services like facilities to invest in mutual funds, gold ETFs, fixed deposits, bonds, portfolio management services, IPO, and fixed-income instruments.

It offers a trading platform that can be accessed on multiple devices and lets the users trade and packed with features like research reports, trade guide signal, option writer, and option decoder.

Motilal Oswal charges fees for administration, brokerage, and AMC.

Options (Equity trading)Rs. 20 per lot
Options (Commodity trading)Rs. 200 per lot

AMC Fees – Rs. 999 Annually

Motilal Oswal Trading Platforms 

  1. MO Investor
  2. MO Trader
  3. MO Investor App and MO Trader App

7. Religare Broking Review

Religare Broking is one of the finest full-service brokers in India which offers great brokerage service to its users.

15 Best Full-service Brokers in India 2023

Its value-added services include research advisory, investment in mutual funds, and many others. It also charges brokerage fees on the basis of partial turnover which is 2.5%.  

It lets you open trading and Demat accounts for free.

It offers a trading platform to let its users easily trade and offers features like creating personalized watch lists, quick fund transfers, and viewing real-time charts.

Religare Brokerage charges

Trading SegmentBrokerage Charges
Equity DeliveryMax – 2.5% Min – 25 paise
Equity FuturesMax – 2.5% / Rs. 100 per lot
Currency Futures & OptionsMax– 2.5% / Rs. 100 per lot
Commodity Options (BSE/ NCDEX)Max2.5% of the premium amount or Rs. 100 per lot, whichever is higher

Religare Trading platform

  1. Religare Web Portal
  2. Religare DIET ODIN 
  3. Religare Dynami

8. Kotak Securities


Kotak Securities is a full-service brokerage service offered by Kotak Mahindra Bank. It offers four different types of full-service brokerage plans; fixed brokerage plan, dynamic brokerage plan, advance brokerage plan, and shubh trade brokerage plan.

You can open a trading account with Kotak Securities which cost 750 INR. It offers a trading platform including features like a stock recommendation, customized watch list, live streaming, and many more.

Kotak Securities simply released the Trade FREE plan, which uses a discount broking concept. Details are below:

Trading SegmentBrokerage Charges
Delivery charges:Zero
Intraday Charges:Zero
Futures Charges:Rs 20 per trade
MIS & Super Multiple:Rs 20 per trade

Kotak Trading Platform

  1. XTRALITE (web)
  2. KEAT PRO X (terminal application)
  3. Fastlane, Stock Trader(mobile app)

9. HDFC Securities Review

HDFC Securities is the full-service brokerage service offered by HDFC Bank. IT services include research advisory, loans like auto, home, personal an education, bonds, insurance, and so on. Its additional service is that it allows users to invest in the US stock market as well.

It charges 1999 INR if you use their trading software pro terminal. If the user wants to activate currency derivatives then it charges an extra fee of 250 INR.

Brokerage Fees For HDFC Securities

SegmentBrokerage Charges
Equity Delivery Trades(For buy and sell orders alike) 0.50% OR a minimum of Rs. 25, OR a maximum percentage (both buy and sell) of 2.5%
Equity Intraday Trades(Applied on both buy and sell orders) 0.05% OR a minimum of Rs. 25, OR a maximum percentage (both buy and sell) of 2.5%
Currency FuturesThe brokerage of Rs. 12 per contract on each side 
Commodity Futures0.020% or minimum Rs.20 per order

HDFC Securities Trading Platforms

  1. HDFC Pro Terminal
  2. HDFC Securities App

10. Ventura Securities Review

Ventura Securities is one of the well-known full-service brokers in India.

Its value-added services include investment in IPO, fixed-income securities, mutual funds, and other depositary services.

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It offers a trading platform that allows users to trade in various stocks and offers features that let users create personalized watch lists and customize the trade window.

It offers two mobile applications venture wealth and venture commodities.

Ventura Securities Brokerage Plans

Ventura Securities charges access fees to software (Trading Platforms). The following table shows the brokerage rates for various levels of access charges.

The refundable amount for software access fees

  • Terms of the amount of brokerage generated.
  • The maximum refundable amount is shown in the table below.

Brokerage Plan Types

Access Charge
(in Rs.)
Mobile MarketsMax Refund Amt
(in Rs.)
PeriodDeliveryIntraday (Equity & 
Equity Futures) Charged one leg only
Equity Options
Rs. per lot
1000No10001 year0.45%0.05%Rs. 100 
2000No20001 year0.35%0.04%Rs. 100
3500No35001 year0.20%0.03%Rs. 100
5000No50001 year0.17%0.025%Rs. 100
7500No75001 year0.15%0.02%Rs. 100
10,000Yes10,0006 Months0.15%0.015%Rs. 100 
25,000Yes25,0001 year0.13%0.0125%Rs. 100 

Account opening & AMC Charges at Ventura Securities

ParticularsPlan APlan BPlan C
Trading Account Opening ChargeNilNilNil
Demat Account Opening Charge(Refundable Deposit)NilNilRs. 3000 Only
AMC ChargesNilNilNil

Ventura Trading Platforms

  1. Ventura Pointer
  2. Ventura Wealth & Ventura Commodities Mobile Apps

11. Nuvama (former Edelweiss Broking) Review

Edelweiss comes with value-added services like guided portfolio investment, portfolio organizer, guided portfolio, and many more.

It allows users to invest in multiple mutual funds, gold and insurance products, and ETFs.

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It offers two different types of full-service brokerage plans Edelweiss Lite and Edelweiss Elite.

It has its own trading platform which allows users to trade in various equity, commodity market, and derivatives including features like advanced indicators, data analytical tools, and many more.

Annual Charges collected by Edelweiss Elite.

ParticularsEdelweiss LiteEdelweiss ELlte
Account Opening Charge ZeroZero
AMC ChargesFirst Year – Free
Second Year – Rs. 300
First Year – Free
Second Year – Rs. 500

Edelweiss Trading Platforms

  1. Terminal X3 (TX3) Trading Platform
  2. Nuvama Mobile Trader

12. IIFL Securities Full Service Broker

IIFL Securities is suitable for investors who require investment advice and research assistance. The IIFL crew would provide excellent customer service.

In fact, IIFL Securities Ltd has over 25 lakh consumers.

A brokerage charge would be charged. There are 3 brokerage plans available: Investor, Super Trader, and Premium.

In addition, IIFL Securities offers value-added services like –

  • Research advisory
  • Mutual Fund Investment
  • Wealth & Financial Management
  • Market & sector reports & Information
  • Options Trading Using Sensibull
  • NRI Equity Investment Services

IIFL Account Opening Charges

Account opening charges Zero
First-year AMCZero
Second-year onwards – AMC Rs 250 (cheaper than other full-service brokers in India) 

IIFL Brokerage Charges

Plan NameInvestor PlanSuper Trader PlanPremium Plan
Equity Delivery0.25%0.10%0.50%
Intraday/ Futures0.025%0.01%0.05%
Options (per lot)Rs- 25Rs- 10Rs- 50
Currency Futures (per lot)Rs- 20Rs- 15Rs- 25

Benefits of IIFL Demat Account

  • Account opening is free, and the first year’s AMC is zero.
  • Value-added services include IPOs and mutual fund investments.
  • various brokerage plans for various needs in India.
  • 500+ stock research reports, sector summary data, daily stock advice, and recommendations

13. 5Paisa (India’s fastest-growing discount stock broking company)


5Paisa is a subsidiary of IIFL (India Infoline) and provides the cheapest stock brokerage in India.

IIFL launched 5Paisa to provide a lower brokerage platform for its clients and to compete with the rapidly growing discount broking industry.

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5Paisa Brokerage charges

5Paisa provides free equities trading as well as a flat brokerage in other categories. 5Paisa’s brokerage fees are as follows:

ParticularsBrokerage Charges
Delivery Trading:Rs-20 per trade
Intraday Trading:Rs-20 per trade
Equity Futures:Rs-20 per trade
Equity Options:Rs-20 per trade
Currency Futures: Rs-20 per trade
Currency Options:Rs-20 per trade

5Paisa Demat & Trading Account Opening Charges:

  • Account Opening Charges: FREE (Rs-650 Waived)
  • AMC: Rs-45 per month (only for months when you trade)

5Paisa Trading Platforms

  • Investor terminal web platform
  • Trader terminal
  • 5Paisa share trading mobile app

14. Upstox Review 2023


Upstox is a fast-growing discount broker backed by a prestigious group of investors that includes Kalaari Capital, Ratan Tata, GVK Davix, and others. It is also referred to as RKSV.

Upstox began in 2012 as RKSV and was renamed Upstox in 2015. Upstox has the second-most active clientele on the NSE after Zerodha as of January 2021.

Upstox provides equities, currency, and commodity trading services.

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Upstox Brokerage charge (Full-service Brokers in India)

ParticularsBrokerage Charges
Delivery Charges:Zero
Intraday Trading: The lower of Rs- 20 per performed trade or 0.05%
Futures Trading:Rs- 20 or 0.05% (whichever is less) for every order
Options Trading: Rs- 20 per trade

Upstox Demat & Trading account opening Charges:

  • Account opening charges: Rs- 300 (Currently Waive)
  • AMC: Rs-150

Upstox Trading Platform: 

  1. Upstox Pro Web Trading Platform
  2. Bridge for AmiBroker
  3. Developer Console
  4. Option Chain Tool
  5. Upstox MF Platform

15. Paytm Money Review 2023

Paytm Money Limited (commonly known as Paytm Money) is a Bengaluru-based discount brokerage firm that was founded in 2017.

Paytm Money is a completely owned subsidiary of One97 Communications Ltd, India’s largest and leading digital products and mobile platform, which also owns the Paytm name.

Paytm is an Indian e-commerce payment system that has been approved by the Reserve Bank of India.

Paytm Money Demat and Trading Account:

ParticularsBrokerage Charges
Account Opening Charges:Account Opening Fees of Rs- 300
One-time Digital KYC fee of Rs- 200
Depository AMC:Zero AMC for Demat Account
Delivery Charges:Zero
Intraday Charges:Rs- 10 Per Trade
Futures and Options ChargesRs- 10 Per Trade

Note: 1 per day as platform charges (paid annually for days the exchange is open).

(Source: Paytm Money)

Key Highlights of Paytm Money

  • Free Equity Delivery Trading.
  • Zero commission direct mutual funds.
  • The maximum brokerage charged per trade is Rs 15.
  • Zero maintenance charges.
  • Fully digital Account Opening.


We have mentioned the best full-service brokers in India 2023 in the above list. All of them have their own specialties and you can choose the one after analyzing your investment needs, financial relationships, trading facilities, and other factors.

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