Best Stock Broker in India 2023

Stock brokers are professionals, or kind of middle person who helps one trade, buys, or sell online stocks, and do financial marketing on behalf of their clients. These stock brokers are securitized and have the license to do their work under the Securities and exchange commission.

These stock brokers can help you to earn a good amount of profit by providing you with the facilities of the market watch and market analysis, along with it allows you to do Intraday, swing trading, long-term investment, SIP, positional trading, BTST ( BUY TODAY, SELL TOMORROW) Trading and many others.

A list of the most reputable Best stock brokers in India in 2023, ordered by the volume of live clients. Since 2019, Zerodha has ranked first among all stock brokers in India. Following Zerodha are Upstox, Angel One, ICICIdirect, and Groww.

Review of Best Stockbroker in India 2023

Well, the market is full of these stock brokers, although here in this article we are going to review the top 10 best stock brokers in India 2023, along with also we will also mention 

Best stock broker in India for long-term investment

List of Top 10 stock brokers in India

#1. Groww 

Groww has more than 2 lakh active users, It offers, equity trading to its clients, mutual fund, forex, and other trading into commodities, such as NCDX, and MCX.
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  • known as the Best stock broker in India for Beginners, with an easy UI interface.
  • It has its mutual fund, so provides the facility of the direct mutual fund, through growing the mutual fund.
  • Grow provides easy reachable customer service, which includes equity trading, live chat support, easy mobile access through the app and support web, and email alerts for other information
  • No hidden charges apply by Groww

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#2. Angel One


Angel One is the oldest stock broker in India, which is highly awarded. Provides an advanced service of retail broking in India, with the facility of watching stocks, curries, future, and other commodity options. It comes under the best free stock brokers in India.

  • You can access it through a mobile application, with zero deposit for its demo account.
  • It launched its first mutual funds in 2015 from then it grows its number to 30 in various classes, equities, real estate, and many more.

#3. Upstox


Mr. Ratan Tata funds Upstox, And it charges a minimum trading amount of 20 rs or 0.5%

  • Helps in Analyst rating, investment checklist, and risk and return information.
  • Powerful OI Analysis, chain in Greeks, FII & DII data along with the feature of FO Smart lists. 

#4. HDFC Securities

Offers stocking through the private bank of HDFC, It allows stock broking in equity, commodity, currency, and futures along with other options. It offers a free account with no maintenance charges.

  • Brokerage amount of 15% to 20% is charged on trading.
  • Allows to maintain all financial transactions in one place, along with allowing global trading.

#5. Paytm Money

India’s largest trusted payment platform offers its users, the to trade in equity, futures, and options trading. It is the best free stock broker in India. and the best part is it doesnt cost a single penny, such as account opening and account maintenance fees.

  • And it works on 0.1% to 0.5% or rs 10 as brokerage charges.
  • Easy accessible UI, also provides advisory services in mutual funds.

#6. ICICI Direct 


ICICI Direct is a multiple-featured trading stock broker, but it cost high maintenance and brokerage charges rather to, other stock brokers. 

  • The account opening and 20 calls and trading are free within a month.
  • Cost brokerage of 0.5% to 55% and provides 7x intraday margin.
  • A single investment platform that provides, GOI bonds, saving schemes, IPOs, and mutual funds.

#7. Kotak Securities


It also comes under the best free stock broker in India. With no account opening fee. It doesn’t cost any brokerage charge on any kind of trading.

  • Provide a user-friendly UI with facilities such as daily alerts, market pointers, research reports, stock recommendations, and others.
  • Reachable customer support, allows NRI users to trade.

#8. 5Paisa 


5paisa is recommended as the Best application for both traders and investors. Provides a feature of ultra trader pack, it allows investment in equity, commodity, futures, options, and currency.

  • It charges 10 rs as a trading brokerage, along with 0 equity trading brokerage.
  • It has more than trading, as it provides free technical, derivatives, fundamental research, and more.

#9. IIFL


It provides a free report on trading such as equity research and mutual funds. Best at its customer supports as it owns physical branches of IIFL.

  • Free account opening with an amount of 250 as a maintenance charge.
  • It takes 20x margins in Intraday trading.

#10. Motilal Oswal


Motilal Oswal offers a wide range of trading options, with no cost of trading calls, with a cost of 0.20 to 0.22% of brokerage charge. 

  • Provide a user-friendly interface to market watch and analyze the market for better trading.
  • Charge 199 is an account maintenance charge, which provides complete customer support and a wide platform of trade among equity, mutual funds, and derivatives.

Final words 

Trading has already set its wings to the market, and here in India, we have all kinds of traders, one as a passionate trader or, those who trade with a low amount to earn some extra profit for their pockets. These are the best stock broker in India for beginners. as well as, those who are looking for the best free stock broker in India. Moreover, many other stock brokers charge high and only allow professionals to trade. So, if you are a beginner you can try your luck and knowledge of trading by starting investing and trading with these stock brokers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Qwhich stock broker is best for a beginner in India?

YES – Grow is chosen as the best stock broker application for beginners in India, as it allows the user to make a free Demat account, and provides easy interference to analyze the market.

QIs trading safe?

Yes – you must have read the caution “ Invest are subject to market risk” so we cant consider trading safe but this risk can lead you financial benefits. Top 10 Stock Brokers in India

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