11 Best Online Trading Platforms in India 2023 (Fastest Platform)

To Get a Seamless Trading experience, users need a trading platform that offers features like real-time market data analyses, advanced and robust charts, a user-friendly interface, high speed, and other Handy tools.

There are three types of interfaces available in India to trade or invest in different asset classes:

Desktop-Based Trading Platform
Mobile App Based Trading platform
Web-Based Trading Platform 

Desktop-based trading platform: This is the best platform for professional traders who want quick buying and selling orders. You can use shortcut keys to place orders. You will get various features like stock statistics, technical indicators, and many more.

Mobile App-Based Trading Platforms: are the most popular trading platforms that are designed as the use of mobile is increasing rapidly. Most stockbrokers offer apps that are available on both Android and iOS. With just a single click on your smartphone, you can buy and sell stocks and F&O contacts.

Web-Based Trading Platform: Can be accessed through Google Chrome and Firefox. It uses a URL that is offered by the stock broker for login. However, it is slower than the desktop Based trading platform. Best Trading App India for beginners

In this Blog,11 Best Online Trading Platforms in India 2023 According to your requirements, you are able to choose any trading platform.

Best trading apps in India 2023

  • Zerodha kite trading platform
  • Upstox PRO Trading App
  • 5 paisa Trading
  • ICICI Direct Trading Platform
  • Angel Speed Pro
  • Kotak Securities Trading Platform
  • IIFL Markets Mobile App
  • Motilal Oswal Trading
  • Paytm Money
  • Edelweiss Mobile Trading App
  • Sharekhan Trading App

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1. Upstox Pro Web Trading Platform

UpStox Pro is one of the best web-based trading platforms in India. It is packed with multiple advanced features, like the ability to create unlimited market watch lists with watch list widgets, more than 107 technical indicators to identify market trends, over 12 types of charts with TradingView and ChartIQ, a charting library, etc.

The UpStox Pro app can be downloaded on iPhones as well as Androids. The web platform can be accessed through Chrome, Safari, and other prominent web browsers. It supports multiple exchanges trading on the BSE, MCX, and NSE. You can also buy 24K digital gold and mutual fund investments for free. It also lets you place bracket orders and cover orders. Online trading course

Requirements for use: Upstox online trading account with a desktop or laptop and a fast internet connection. Additionally, you can take advantage of a free demat and trading account opening process and pay no AMC fees.


100+ Indicators on charts that can be customized.
Personalizing the platform with widgets Upstox.
Order anything based on charts.


No Market Depth Tool like Zerodha Trading. 

Note: Charts and technical analysis using 107 tools, indicators, and charting ability.

2. Zerodha Kite 3.0 Trading Platform


Zerodha Kite is one of the well-known web trading platforms in India. It Offers good customer support and charges zero brokerage on stock deliveries.

It also offers a mobile app for trading that is available in 11 languages.

It is integrated with multiple third-party apps, including Streax, Sentinel, etc. It allows viewing various charts on a single screen.

It even works on a bandwidth of less than 0.5 kbps. It has a sleek interface where you can manage your portfolio in your own personalized way.


100+ indicators and six types of charts in trading.
Low bandwidth consumption of 0.5 Kbps.
Search for all stocks in India.


No direct trading from charts in Tradingview

3. Angel One Speed Pro Trading Platform


Angel One Speed Pro is one of the decent desktop trading programs best suited for professional traders. After downloading its executable (.exe) files, you can start trading.

It is loaded with various features, like a user-friendly interface with customizable options. It allows you to create multiple watch lists and customize the toolbar and widgets.

It has a multi-desktop option that lets you view and trade on two different desktops. It is equipped with a heat map analysis that lets you monitor stock prices and market movements, which helps you create trading strategies.

Requirements for use: Using a Pentium desktop or laptop and a fast internet connection, open an Angel Broking online trading account. You can review the fees associated with using Angel Speed Pro on your Angel Broking account.

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Trading heat map analysis tool.
Charts with a 30-day history for intraday trading.
Trade calls and advisory reports are accessible.


Can’t invest in IPO, bondsList item.

Best Online Mobile Trading App In India

4. 5 Paisa Mobile Online Trading App Platform

5 Paisa is a well-known mobile trading application that allows you to trade in equity, invest in mutual funds, and lets you buy digital gold, and insurance and get personal loans. online trading app

It offers the lowest brokerage charge of rupees 10 per trade.

It offers various features like advanced charting an intraday stock chart for the last 30 days, and various types of advanced orders including basket orders, cover orders common bracket orders,s and many more.

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The interface is clear and easy to use the trading app in India.
Slice my order option
placing an order for covers and brackets online


At times, the chart shows slowly.

5. ShareKhan Tiger Trading Platform


Another well-known desktop-based trading platform is a share can trade tiger. It allows you to trade directly from Excel and offers heat maps which helps in seamless trading.

You can place an order directly from the chart. the trading platform is suitable for both newbies and professionals trader. sharekhan online trading

It supports trading on MCX, BSE, and NSE. It features one-click order placement and offers useful calculators like premium calculators, span calculators,s and many more.

It allows you to place advanced orders like bulk orders, bracket orders, and big orders easily. It offers advanced tools like a life market scanner and chart book.

There are two versions of the Trade Tiger Trading Platform. 

ParticularsTrade Tiger BasicTrade Tiger Advanced
For (All)IndividualsProfessional Traders
Desktop(PC)Pentium 4 Processor or lowerPentium Dual Core Processor or higher
Operating system(OS)Win-7 & Win-8Win 7 & Above
ProcessorIntel Dual CoreIntel Dual Core
Disk Space40MB1GB
Screen Resolution 800×6001024×768


Trade Connected From Excel
Link multiple chart controls in High Charts.
Place an order using the charts.


30 fewer indications and studies

6. Motilal Oswal Orion Lite Desktop Trading Platform


Motilal Oswal Orion lite is another trading platform that comes with various advanced tools. Some of them are live research recommendations and real-time order execution.

The best thing about this software is that it works smoothly on the lower Internet bandwidth.

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It provides 40+ customizable charting indicators for technical analysis and studies. It has an advanced tool trade guide signal which automatically generates buy and sell ideas.


There are 40 customizable charting indicators.
Trading tools for options include Option Writer and dCoder.
Access to greater than 30,000 studies when trading.


There are a lot too many SMS trade ideas.
No direct trading from charts in the trading view.

7. Fyres One Trading Platform


Fyres is one of the powerful desktop trading platforms which is loaded with various analytical tool and feature which aids in trading.

It has an inbuilt technical stock Screener which lets you gauge friends, intraday movements, and support and resistance level.

To access market movements it offers features like a market heat map, market dynamics an index meter. It lets you create up to 10 MarketWatch lists and has more than 60 types of technical indicators.


Analysis of trading Heat maps
Charts with a 30-day history for intraday trading
10 Flexible workspace


Chart trading is not possible.

8. ICICI direct Trade Racer Trading Platform


ICICI direct trade Racer is one of the powerful desktop trading platforms which offers various advanced tools. In this platform, users will get integrated fund transfers, research calls, real-time live streaming quotes multiple watch list creation, and many more. www.icicidirect.com online trading

The heat maps have green and red indicators which show you the movements of stocks.

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You can customize the interface by changing its color code, grid structure, predefined desktops, etc. Its trend scanner helps you identify real-time trading opportunities.


Trading heat map analysis stock market
Market trend analysis


A platform that is heavy and loads slowly.
Frequent trade calls

9. IIFL trade terminal Trading Platform


IIFL trade terminal is a popular online trading platform in India that is known for its intuitive and sleek user-friendly interface.

It offers various features for seamless trading and investment. You can use shortcut keys to place orders in one tab.

The platform offers you a trouble-free fund transfer with popular banks like HDFC, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, and many more.


Cash, F&O, MF, IPO, currency, and commodity trading are all available on a single screen.
Keyboard shortcuts for practically all tools.
Simple one-click access to the MTM P/L, ledger, and depository statement.

10. Nuvama Xtreme trader terminal Trading Platform

Nuvama Xtreme trader terminal is a desktop trading software that is loaded with robust charts, insightful analytics, and exceptional speed.

If you are a Nuvama client then the software is available for free. It offers you advanced features like an event calendar, calculator, and advanced charts like Kagi, Renko, point, figure, etc.

You can also use shortcut keys for faster trading. It offers live streaming charts with more than 60 advanced technical indicators and drawing tools.


Follow the performance of your portfolios in real-time and download data, such as ledger, P&L, contract notes, inter-settlement fees, etc.
There are several tools, such as an event calendar, an alternative calculator, and others.
Trade directly from the charts.

11. NSE Now Trading Platform


Lastly, the name in the list of best trading platforms is NSE Now. Now stands for Neat on Web. It is a web-based trading platform which is developed by and as the Stock Exchange.

You can use it directly on popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

Its two-factor authentication login process makes it more secure than the other platforms.

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It is suitable for both newbies and professionals. You will get various features like more than 80 technical indicators and over 15 charts, which let you create Market Watch and also lets you observe the market behavior.


  • Trading platform that is incredibly reliable.
  • Currently, ODIN and Omnesys Nest Trader have the lowest latency in comparison to other well-known platforms.
  • The watchlist has a maximum capacity of 30 scripts.


  • There is no way to make custom indicators now.

CompareThe Best Online Trading Platform

Advanced Charting & Tools

The fundamental elements of trading activity are charts, indicators, and associated drawing tools. They are useful for tracking price changes, seeing trends, and rapidly making orders based on real-time price movement charts.

Technical assessments, drawings, and overlays can all be made with the use of tools. You should determine the very minimal set of tools you need even if you don’t need more than 100 different possibilities.

Charting software options differ across stockbrokers. For your demands in online trading, you need to have the greatest software.

Quick Order Placement Facility

Cover orders (CO) and bracket orders (BO) should be able to be placed concurrently on the online trading platform in one action.

If you don’t, you could have to pay a higher brokerage fee or stop trading after taking losses.

You shouldn’t have to switch screens every time you make a certain deal because your online trading platform should allow you to submit orders from numerous places.

Features like prior traded orders, watchlists, and the ability to place orders directly from the charts are useful.

Hardware and Software Requirements

To analyze your transactions when intraday trading, you might need to consult the stockbroker’s website, trading platform, and charting software displays.

Your internet bandwidth should be sufficient to allow simultaneous live streaming of pricing, news, and data feeds aside from that.

If your internet connection is sluggish, you will suffer lag (slow data processing), and the old pricing will apply.

The laptop or PC used for trading has to be capable of handling the load and have enough RAM. During trades, the hardware shouldn’t freeze or crash.

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Customization Features 

Options for personalizing the trading platform are useful for designing a customized workspace that enables stress-free trading. You may create trading strategies with the aid of the customizing feature.

For more on the trading platform customization possibilities that are available, speak with your broker.


We have mentioned the best online trading platform available in India. All of them have their own pros and cons. You need to select the best one after analyzing and comparing their features.

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