10 Best Credit Cards in India 2023

Finding the Best Credit Card is essential at a time in history when inflation is eating into your cash and spending carefully is the only way to avoid burning more of the money in your pockets.

Credit cards have become higher in the Indian market, by which the Indian banks have launched various exciting features and offer credit card to their users. Almost every Indian bank offers a credit card to its users, with exciting Features and Credit Card cashback.

The market is full of credit card offers, and banks, which made this task more difficult than which credit card is best, or whether the user should opt for which credit card. Worry not, we had made wide research on the 10 best credit cards in India 2023 to help our readers to choose from the Top 10 credit cards in India.

Top Credit Cards For Beginners

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All credit card is best, although we have to look at our needs, like which credit card is offering the award we want. Best Credit Cards in India Likewise, some credit card offers great discount on shopping, while some offer great cashback discount to their users. We should also look for the need for the credit card as some people look for the best credit card for daily use as they need it for regular transactions. The banks also offer the best premium credit cards in India so that the customer can have various attractive and super saver offers beyond the ordinary ones. Top Credit Cards For Beginners

Top 10 Credit Cards For Salaried

HDFC Money Bank Credit Card 

The credit card is famous for its guaranteed money-back offer for every transaction. If you are an online shopper then this credit card can be the best for you as it offers great discounts on online shopping and guaranteed money back.

Benefits of Cashback HDFC Card

  • The credit card best suited for reward and cashback
  • Starts with a minimum joining and renewal fee of Rs 500
  • Can start with a salary of 25000 a month
  • It gives 4 points for spending every 150 rupees.
  • We can consider this credit card the best credit card for daily use

CITI Bank Reward Credit Card

This card offers 2500 bonus reward points, for every 125 spent the card gives one reward point. Along with it offers 10X reward points for shopping in departmental stores.

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Benefits of Cashback CITI Bank Card

  • The joining fee of this credit card is rs 1000
  • Reward points which are earned on a CITI BANK credit card don’t expire
  • If you spend more than 30000 a year there is no annual charge for this credit card

ICICI Coral Visa Credit Card 

If you are new to credit cards and looking for a low-maintenance credit card, then ICICI Coral Visa credit card is a good option for you. As this card has a very low annual fee of rs 500. The card offers various rewards at, Airports, movies, and many more public places.

Benefits of Cashback ICICI Card

  • You can earn 2 reward points by just expending 100 rs through this card
  • It provides 10,000 rewards as a gift to its every anniversary
  • Provides high security with its chip feature.

RBL Titanium Delight Credit Card 

Rbl Credit card offers a joining fee of rs 750 with an annual renewal fee of 750 which is waived if you expend more than 1 lac with the card.

Benefits of Cashback RBL Card

  • Provides 2000 welcome reward points if the consumer made their first transaction within a month
  • Reward points on every expense on domestic or international
  • Other offers such as 5% cashback on purchasing groceries every Wednesday, or giving a 1+1 movie ticket if the ticket is booked on book my show.
  • Online pizza back offers on dominos and pizza hut every Wednesday.

IndusInd Bank Platinium Aura Credit Card 

This credit card gives air accident insurance of 25 lac and a surcharge of fuel of 2.5% along with it also helps to save 960 rs over fuel. We can consider this card the best credit card for daily use. As it provides amazing features while paying the electricity bill, water bill, telephone, and other bills.Best premium credit cards in India.

Benefits of Cashback Indusind Bank Card

  • As a new cardholder, you may be eligible for appealing welcome perks such as bonus reward points or vouchers. 
  • Platinum Aura Edge Credit Card, you can enjoy a fuel surcharge waiver at participating petrol stations.
  • IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura Edge Credit Cardholders can enjoy complimentary access to domestic airport lounges.
  • The Platinum Aura Edge Credit Card supports contactless payments

Indian Oil Citi platinum credit card 

It helps to save and free 71-liter fuel every year. No annual fee on existing 30000 or more within the year. This card not only helps with fuel but also, with buying groceries and shopping from the smart bazaar. It also allows the user to earn turbo points which can later use as money or rewards.

Benefits of Cashback CITI Bank Card

  • Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) fuel stations. You can earn cashback on fuel purchases and save money every time you refuel your vehicle.
  • you may be eligible for welcome benefits such as bonus reward points or vouchers.
  • Cashback Indian Oil Citi Platinum Credit Card provides dining benefits and discounts at select partner restaurants.
  • Cardholders can view transactions, pay bills, redeem rewards, and access various other services online.

HDFC Solitaire Credit Card 

This credit card is specially designed for women, as it provides various exclusive offers on women’s products. This credit card offers the maximum cashback and rewards on online shopping.

Benefits of Cashback HDFC Solitaire Card

  • Provide attractive traveling benefits
  • Reward points on dining and grocery
  • Half-yearly offer of shopping voucher of rs 1000
  • Every expense of 150 rs will be rewarded with 3 points.

SBI Card Elite 

A complete premium card that provides exciting offers on every entertainment transaction such as the movie, dining rewards, shopping, airport lounge, and many more.

Benefits of Cashback SBI Elite Card

  • The card provides an offer of movie tickets for 6000 within a year.
  • Takes low foreign exchange markup along with free club as well as Vistara membership
  • Although the card joining fee is quite high which is approx. 4,999

Simply click SBI credit card

The card provides the best offers for online shoppers. Along with ut offers different rewards while making a transaction on book my show, lens cart, clear trip, amazon, food panda, and many other websites.

 ICICI Platinum Chip credit card 

Provides offer on retail purchasing of 2 payback points, 1% fuel surcharge after expending 4000 or more on expending at HPCL petrol pump.

The consumer can also save more than 15% on expending on dining expenses. Along with this, it also provides complimentary domestic lounge access after every quarter.

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Highest credit card limit in India

There is no sustainable answer to the highest credit card limit question, has different credit card provides different limits which depend on their users. The credit card limit can be unlocked as per the user of that credit card and it also depends on the CIBIL on that user, it can expend as per the user limit and expenses.

How to compare and choose the best credit card?

Before applying for a new credit card, a specific set of requirements must be in your mind. Depending on each person’s demands, financial habits, income, and—most importantly—the purpose for applying for the card, the requirements may vary. For instance, if you are looking for a credit card that will help you save money on travel expenses, you will prioritize features that can help you save money on travel, such as AirMiles, frequent flyer program membership, or free flights. If making your trip enjoyable is also important to you, you might also think about getting free access to airport lounges. In this case, you might not care as much about other perks like free golf games or restaurant bill reductions.

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Credit Card Welcome Benefits

Many credit cards give cardholders extra bonuses as soon as they sign up for the card. Welcome bonuses or joining perks are the names for these extra advantages. These welcome incentives may take the shape of Bonus Reward Points or Cashback, Free Membership in Loyalty Programmes and/or Subscription-Based Services, Free Flight Tickets, or in other ways. Most of the time, the cardholder is only eligible for the welcome perks after paying the card’s joining charge (first year’s annual fee) in full (welcome benefits are not available if the joining price is waived). Additionally, welcome perks typically make up for the card’s annual charge; in other words, in most situations, the value of the welcome incentives offered by the card is equal to its annual price.

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