Taylor Swift, a Grammy award-winning artist, witnessed the Kansas City Chiefs' victory over the Denver Broncos at Arrowhead Stadium.

Swift has been present for three Chiefs' games this season and has not witnessed a loss, sparking talk of her being a good luck charm for the team.

Travis Kelce, the Chiefs' tight end, played a crucial role despite an ankle injury, securing nine receptions for 124 yards, the most by a tight end in the NFL this season.

Kelce exploited the Broncos' defense with his exceptional performance, consistently finding openings in the middle of the field.

Speculation about a possible romantic relationship between Kelce and Swift has circulated, fueled by their public appearances together.

Chiefs' quarterback Patrick Mahomes commended Kelce's mastery of the offense and ability to work effectively in the middle of the field.

The Chiefs' defense received praise for its performance, while the offense struggled in the red zone, settling for field goals instead of touchdowns.

The Denver Broncos faced difficulties on both offense and defense, ultimately falling short with a 1-5 record for the season.

Broncos' quarterback Russell Wilson and the offense faced challenges, managing 197 total yards compared to the Chiefs' 389, and will prepare for their next game against the Green Bay Packers.