Governor Gavin Newsom signs AB 418, California Food Safety Act, into law on October 7.

The legislation prohibits the use of four additives in food products, affecting 12,000 candies, cereals, and sodas.

Notable additives banned include red dye 3, propylparaben, brominated vegetable oil, and potassium bromate.

The ban does not include titanium dioxide, sparing Skittles from the legislation.

Products like Peeps and red velvet cupcakes will be affected by the ban.

California becomes the first state in the US to enact such a ban on these additives.

The European Union had previously outlawed the same four additives in food products.

Consumer Reports co-sponsored the bill, emphasizing bipartisan support for this groundbreaking legislation.

Manufacturers have until 2027 to adjust recipes to comply with the banned additives, linked to health concerns.

Critics argue the ban is unnecessary and unscientific, while supporters emphasize the goal of encouraging recipe alterations.