Best 7 Lifetime Free Credit Cards in India with Zero Annual Fees

Different Banks and credit card companies in India offer the Best lifetime free credit cards, but not all are really good for you. Here, we’re sharing information about some popular cards that don’t charge you for joining or renewing, and they also give you some great advantages.

Best Lifetime Free Cards In India

Here’s a list of credit cards in India that you can have for a lifetime without paying anything extra. No joining fee or renewal fee is needed! Check out these cards that keep it simple and free for you.

1. Axis Myzone Credit Card

An amazing Credit Card that gives you a big 40% off on Swiggy, saving you more than 5000 INR every year! And guess what? You also get free access to airport lounges.

Note: Axis sometimes lets you have this card for free forever, and hey, that offer is going on right now!

2. Axis Bank Indian Oil Credit Card

The Axis Bank Indian Oil Credit Card might not be the top choice for everyone due to some challenges in getting the rewards. But if it suits your area well, it’s a good card.

Note: Axis is now offering the Axis Indian Oil Credit Card for free for a lifetime.

3. IDFC First Wealth Credit Card

Check out this special credit card that gives you cool perks like access to airport lounge/spa/golf benefits.

It also gives good rewards if you spend a lot. And, if you carry a balance, you’ll get a pretty low-interest rate. Nice, isn’t it?

Detailed review: IDFC First Wealth Credit Card

4. IDFC First Select Credit Card

The IDFC First Select Credit Card is like a middle-tier card-not basic, but not the fanciest either. It’s a Visa Signature card and sits between the IDFC Classic Credit Card and the IDFC Wealth Credit Card.

It was really good when it first came out, but it lost some of its shine after some changes. Still, it’s not a bad card to have for a few good reasons.

5. HSBC Platinum Credit Card

If you like getting cash back directly or want to turn your points into stays at Taj Hotels, you should check out the HSBC credit card.

It’s one of the very few cards in the country where you can change your points into Taj Innercircle rewards.

6. ICICI Amazon Pay Credit Card

If you shop a lot on Amazon and have Amazon Prime, think about getting the ICICI Amazon Pay Credit Card. You get 5% back as an Amazon Pay Balance on your Amazon purchases.

It’s especially a good idea if you don’t have other really fancy credit cards that let you earn extra rewards when you buy Amazon vouchers.

7. Yes Bank First Exclusive Credit Card

Yesbank Credit Cards weren’t very useful for a long time, but now they’re offering some great deals, like this 5X rewards offer. So, it’s worth checking out.

Most Yesbank Cards are free for a lifetime, so go ahead and get the best one you can.

Final Conclusion

If you want a credit card that’s free for life and you don’t plan to spend a lot each year, the list above has some great options. Even with low spending, the benefits are pretty good.

If you’re interested in even more basic cards with low annual fees or cards where fees are waived with spending, you can check out the full list of the best credit cards in India for 2023 (updated) in our best credit cards article.

Do you have a free-for-life credit card that you find really rewarding? Share it in the comments below!

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